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Amazing Garment Repair
What our customers say about us

"As a patron of Amazing Garment Repair, we are very pleased with the quality of repair and timely turnaround they have shown. Many customers that we have sent to have work done for their own personal items, related to us they were very impressed with the professionalism Amazing Garment Repair had shown them. We are very pleased with our on-going working relationship with them and highly recommend them for all repairs and re-weaving needs."

Terry Sage, Store Manager, Joseph A. Bank Clothing - Overland Park, Kansas


"Amazing Garment Repair is just what their name says. The work they do and the service they provide is the best we have found. They are professional, the repairs are excellent, the price is fair, and they are always a pleasure to work with."

John, Walker Brothers


Amazing Garment Repair does the best reweaving I've ever seen."

Spiro Arvantitakis, President, Peter's Clothiers


“I have entrusted a number of expensive garments from my customers to Amazing Garment Repair, everything from cashmere to the very exclusive St. John Knits.

As a seamstress myself, my standards are very high for workmanship. Judy's work for me has been extraordinary. Their years of experience and level of knowledge in weaving are very rare."

Pam Hillman, Consigning Women Metcalf 103 - Overland Park, Kansas


“Having worked in the Men’s Apparel Industry for the past ten years I have found no better specialty Re-weaver than Amazing Garment Repair. They provide an exceptional level of service with superior quality of work. I don’t just recommend them to my customers; I insist that my customers try them before they see anyone else for their clothing repair needs."

Michael J. Klug, Loyal Customer


“We have been unable to find a reweaver to entrust with our clients’ fine garments, and couldn’t be happier to find that Amazing Garment Repair more than lives up to its name. We operate a fine dry cleaner, as well as a high-end men’s retail shop, specializing in custom and made-to-measure clothing, and only the best will do. The best we have is in Judy and her staff.”

Sandra Wood-Ramirez, Parkway Cleaners - Edmond, Oklahoma


“For several years we have depended on Amazing Garment Repair for our reweave work. We handle elite clientele with expensive clothing, and must have the best for our customers. We use Amazing Garment Repair exclusively for all our reweave work.”

Inga Clutter, Owner Vogue Cleaners, Inc. - Springfield, Missouri

When you have a precious garment that has sentimental value, Judy IS THE PERSON TO SEND IT TO! Earlier, I sent an expensive wool blazer to her, and she quickly repaired it to "better than perfect!" I could not have gotten better service at my former tailor in New York City! Judy Reyhle and Janette Coil are so meticulous, that I will forever send my "heirloom jackets" to them. Fair? I can't think of the words to express their professionalism! The dinner jacket I recent sent was hand-crafted in Hong Kong for a dear friend, but it had some pulled places on it. Unfortunately it was not able to be repaired. Rather than charge me the extensive hours and dry-cleaning, she said, "If I would wear it, pay us.... but if you feel uncomfortable with the obvious, yet meticulous repair and will not wear, we will not charge you."  THIS PROFESSIONAL ATTITUDE IS WHAT I USED TO GET AT BERGDORF-GOODMAN in NYC! I think Judy has them beat! I highly recommend AMAZING GARMENT REPAIR because they are MASTERS! Judy is a dream come true! While I rarely go to Kansas City anymore, I have three suits that I want her to alter. A prominent lawyer and dear friend wore them in some of the top federal cases of the 1980's. 

Bill B. , Tulsa, OK         3/14/2015

Judy is the person I trust to make IT RIGHT!
Sometimes people come into my tailor shop in St. Louis needing weaving repairs. I send them to Judy.  We have been sending customers for several years now.  I love it when they come back and tell me how amazed they are with the quality of the work.  Top notch.  
I just wish I could find someone closer to home to do the work.  But there simply isn't anyone that compares.

Daniel M, St. Louis, Mo.   3/1/2015

My suits and jackets are custom made by a firm on Savile Row, London, that made for the likes of Cary Grant, Fred Astaire and even Duke Ellington. Sending clothes back to London for moth hole repairs or alterations is hugely costly and takes a day shorter than forever to have returned. So, some years ago I started having all of my hole repairs and alterations done by Judy, totally remotely, meaning that I just send her an email describing what I want done and, with lightening speed, it is done perfectly and returned, at literally about 20% of the cost of sending back to my London tailors. 
Kudos, once again, to AGR and Judy!!!

Paul H. New York, NY  4/2/2015

I have found OZ! The owner Judy is a miracle worker!!! I came to this amazing place with the most difficult coat repair! This team of women made this damaged coat into a beautiful, lovely piece of artwork! I totally recommend this incredible garment repair!

Danielle W. Sunflower, KS 12/15/2012

Words cannot describe the magic Judy works on clothes.  First, I gave her a vintage linen man's suit from the 60's.  I had walked on the cuffs and frayed them badly.  The inner edge of the lapel had frayed on the neck.  The pockets were stretched and bulging.  But the cut was fabulous, the material gorgeous, and I wanted the suit restored.  She gave me a back a suit that was like new and good for another 50 years.  Then I gave her a very hard to fix 60's red sharkskin jacket with black threads through it that needed reweaving of some holes and repair of the collar.  Again, she did the most beautiful, invisible repairs on the hardest kind of fabric.  Her prices are reasonable, her attitude cheerful, and her work...amazing!.

Jeffrey S.  Chicago  4/9/2013

Let's start with WOW.  Wow repair work, wow so friendly and helpful and polite and then turnaround time and cost.   I had a tear / hole on the sleeve of  a very expensive Mens blazer.  I searched across San Francisco trying to source someone who would reweave the sleeve and was turned away by many who just said it couldn't be repaired no matter the cost.  I found Judy through a referral from Saks and shipped my jacket off a week ago, praying and hoping.  One week later it has been returned to CA from KS and honestly you can not tell there was even a thread pulled not to mind say there was a gaping hole.    Judy is gifted, a true artist and professional.

Ian C., San Francisco  6/13/2013


These wonderful ladies did my wedding dress and I couldn't have been happier with it! Not to mention they will charge you half what the wedding gown boutiques will. They're wondeful to work with, flexible and very kind!

Alexandra Donnelly


I've had them modify men's dress shirts and fix kid's coat seams and they are always so wonderful to work with.

Judy and her team are truly amazing reweavers. They restored a very rare, custom vintage men's topcoat that had over 16 moth holes to a coat that looks bran new. Amazing Garment Repair rivals the legendary reweaver Alice Zotta in super-high end work, but at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time. AGR has to be the best reweavers in the country.

Paul Hanly, New York City

Wow!! I badly tore a pair of new suit pants. I could not buy a new matching pair and I thought that the suit was lost. Amazing Garment Repair fixed several large tears to perfection. No one can find the former damage, even when I point out the area. The price was a bargain and the work was exceptional. I very strongly recommend them.

Otter Todocasa


If you want something repaired to look brand new, this is the place. Everything I've taken here has turned into a new item.

Sharon Manzella